Taxes and expenses | Недвижимость в Турции у Моря

Taxes and expenses

Purchase Expenses:

  • Translating and notarising of passport – 70 TL (Turkish liras) ;
  • Cadastral stamp duty (when submitting the documents for TAPU) - 350 TL;
  • Conveyance tax 4% of the property value stated in the TAPU Office;
  • Additional expenses (copies of the documents, photoes, taxes, translations, etc ) – approximately 250 Euros;
  • Our services for TAPU-300 euro;
  • Connection of the electricity and water meteres and DASK (insurance) in new buildings - about 800 TL;
  • Transfer of the existing connection of water and electricity (second-hand buildings) – about 50 TL;
  • Our services for connetction electricity and water - 100 euro.

Annual expenses:

  • Property tax for non-commercial property (0,3% of the property value declared by the local municipality) Can be paid in February and May
  • Property tax for commercial property (0,4% );
  • Property tax for the land without permission of the construction (0,2%);
  • Property tax for the land with construction permission (0,4%).