Mortgage | Недвижимость в Турции у Моря


Turkey is one of the most appealing destinations in the Mediterrenean Coast with its nature, climate and history. Buying a house in Turkey will not only be an enjoying experience for you, but it also is a great investment. Because of the fact that Turkey is an emerging property market, the country offers reasonable prices for overseas buyers.

We would be glad to offer our Mortgage services for your property finance in Turkey.



Loan to value

Maximum 70% of the appraisal value (not always equal to the sales price)

Debt to income

Maximum net salary to spend to installment for total loan position 50%

Valuation of income

Only salary income transferred to a bank account, average profit of the last 2 years, pension income

Maximum amount

No maximum

Minimum amount

€ 25.000


All countries that have a reciprocal agreement with Turkey.


15 years

Loan in TL


Loan in euro


Loan in Dollars


Loan in British pound


Interest types


Early repayment

Possible (2% penalty fee)

Property valuation

Done by DenizBank or appointed appraisal by DenizBank, pre-valuation paid by DenizBank

Age of application

25 -70 years

Maximum age at end of maturity

70 years

DASK: nature disaster insurance, House insurance;

To arrange via DenizBank,

Life Insurance

No obligation

Off plan mortgage

Yes, with full bank guarantee from constructor for the total loan amount

Monthly installment payments

Automatic payment from a DenizBank account

Validity of the pre offer

4 months

Extension of validity of the pre offer (except interest rate)

Until 18 months (1% extra commission required)