Istanbul Studio 0+1 in POLAT REZİDANS (Piyalepaşa İstanbul)

Irina Irina

Studio 0+1 in POLAT REZİDANS (Piyalepaşa İstanbul)


Güncel Fiyat Sorunuz

Polat Rezidans is integral to Piyalepaşa İstanbul, offering you next-gen living with its some 190 residences in total, of a variety of sizes, including 1+1 and 2+1 residences as well as 1+0 furnished residences. Offering all privileges of Piyalepaşa İstanbul, Polat Rezidans not only offers you next-gen living but also sets up a unique living space that embodies the visual, social and cultural furnishing and fittings that will improve your life quality.
A compact life has been designed for you in furnished 1+0 apartments with a balcony. This life will provide you with the utmost comfort with its practical use and easiness to clean. Moreover, the 1+0 apartments provide you much more than a living space. Because in addition to your apartment, Polat Residans offers many shared spaces for you to enjoy either by yourself or with friends. These 1+0 apartments, featuring all of those qualities, offer an exclusive world for you, the youth of tomorrow, placing you and your comfort at the center of life.
Entrance Hall: 5,54 m2
Living Room + Kitchen: 23,26 m2
Bathroom: 4,39 m2
Balcony: 6,25 m2 01 02 03 04
Net Area: 39,44 m2
Gross Area: 46,24 m2
Overall Gross Area: 62,08 m

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Bedrooms: 0 Bathrooms: 1 Not furnished Apartment 39 sq. m Zemin: 0 / 10 İnşa yılı: – LNP-845652