Kemer New 4 + 1 villas in the village of Chamyuva (Kemer)

Ирина Гюнеш Ирина Гюнеш

New 4 + 1 villas in the village of Chamyuva (Kemer)



One of the most popular resorts in the Mediterranean for many years - Kemer - located 42 km south-west of Antalya. Compared to Antalya, Kemer is a small town. Its total area is about 470 km2. New villas in the village of Chamyuva 4 + 1 (five rooms) are located just 750 meters from the sea. On one side of the village is the Agva River, which separates it from the resort of Kirish. On the other - the ruins of the ancient city of Phaselis, which is a famous attraction in these parts. The price of the villa is 320,000 euros

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Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 1 Furnished Villa 0 sq. m Floor: 2 / 2 Year built: – LMI-823747