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1+1 , sea view 145 000 Euro

Outstanding Site Features

At the main entrance there is a reception with security, 145m2 outdoor swimming pool and child swimming pool, a poolside fitness center, wc, separate saunas at A and B blocks, locker room and Custom design a panoramic landscape, special lighting and air-conditioning system in social areas are carefully designed with the aim of improving the quality of your life.

Apartment owners' private basement storage cabinets also Landscape areas have remote-controlled timer for automatic watering system and in the garden and the swimming pool bore water is used at no cost.

Motion sensors are used in the lighting of common areas. There are sufficient generators for the entire building in the On all floors of common areas, entrance to the building 1st class decorative marble was used.

A special playground for children in the garden. Knowing that your children are safe and having fun while you are enjoying at the pool will make you feel more comfortable. 24-hour security guard. 24-hour technical support service provided. The site has 24-hour housekeeping service.(The site allocated in the private apartment to stay.) On site monitoring with 8 independent security cameras working 24/7.The cameras can be monitored from home via internet connection. In this way you can constantly keep an eye on your children playing in the pool or in the garden. All apartments capable of audio and video communication with security building via closed circuit intercom system. With this system the security guard can visually report your guests. Your voice will not be transmitted unless you want it to. Video intercom system provides the ability to chip card All the apartments in the building can receive satellite TV via the central satellite system without the need for in-room outlets or another installation. It is possible to watch all chanells from Turkey, Russia and Europe with 4 independent dishes of the central satellite TV system. shower. available. event of power failures. private apartment to stay.) or encrypted entry.

Building features

Interior and exterior drainage insulation system used in the foundation. (Henkel, Izocam, Ode and Remmers brand Complete coating system applied to the building facade.

Iso 24cm bricks used on outer walls of the building.

For heat, cold and sound insulation between floors polystyrene filler with density from 10 to 12 is used. Silent water and waste water systems.

All apartments are provided with a reserve water tank.

Special pumps used for drinking water fountain water to the apartments keeping the flow at a constant rate. Isolated stone wool aluminum seam roof system applied.

The eastern and western facades of buildings made ??of silicon glass, and certain sections coated with CNC cutting aluminum panels with decorative LEDs.

Thus the building Nanotechnology product breathable exterior paint used on Card and combination lock system will be used on apartment entrance doors.

All apartments managed by All apartments are managed with a smart home system. insulation materials used.) looks beautiful at night. exterior of the building. smart home system.

Earthquake Resistant Base and Infrastructure Facilities

Before the start of construction ground survey has been made and the latest earthquake resistant system in the world (CFA) was conducted in pile foundation. (450 doses special high-strength concrete and iron are used.)

Radial foundation application using 60 cms of earthquake-resistant C-30 concrete on foundation piles.

Apartment features

All apartments have a sea and creek view. 1st class marble used in the floors of all apartments. Heat and sound insulation between rooms and floors. Each block has a fully automated lift. Elevators may also be called from within the apartment and can travel as deep down as the ground floor where private repositories are located. All apartments have 24-hour hot water. 
Window joinery is heat and sound insulation and double All rooms feature wooden lacquer painted interior doors. Laminated glazing aluminum applied to balcony railings. First class imported wallpaper has been used in the rooms. Italian lacquered furniture and 1st class fittings used in glazed double opening system. kitchens and bathrooms.
All white goods are prestigious brand built-in appliances (refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, oven, microwave oven, hob and cooker hood above) and all rooms are equipped with global brand air conditioners. Bathrooms have a hilton sink, shower facilities and a cloakroom. All blinds and curtains on the windows and balcony doors equipped with discrete with remote control system. 
Satin plaster nanotechnology paint with air cleaning feature used on all interior walls and suspended ceilings and custom printed stretch ceiling lights was applied to all Special LED lighting system has been used on the walls and ceilings. The rooms have built-in closets. ceilings.

River Side Concept House offers many benefits to the owner

Located 100 meters from one of the world's most popular and longest beaches Antalya Konyaaltı right next door to Bogaçayı where a Venice model project will be implemented. 
The project is expected to increase the value of the location immensely. All apartments have sea, mountain and Bo€açayı views. All apartments are extremely spacious with 3 sides open. At Beachpark you may enjoy the deep blue sea, beach and sun along with music, and feast at night in an unlimited number of local cafes, bars and restaurants. Besides, Antalya's largest water park, fitness center, shopping mall, hyper and supermarkets, 4 hospitals and the Russian training center is located about 10 minutes away. From the marina located 5km away, yacht tours are organized every hour to districts of Antalya hosting the world's most beautiful bays. 
If you have a home at River Side House Concept you will have plenty of reasons to practice sports all day.When you step outside your home you will be just a minutes walk from the most beautiful beach in the world. You may participate in unlimited sports activities, water sports and social activities organized every day.Stroll along the walking paths, ride a bike on special bike paths, cool off in the cool waters.

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